High Park Vertis - PRICE LIST

Alveo Land : High Park Vertis For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
1 Bedroom ₱ 14,300,000 61 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1 – Spot Cash
100% Cash in 60 days with 8% discount
Option 2 – 20-80
20% Spot DP with 8% discount
80% Balance through Bank Financing
Option 3 – 30-70
30% Spot DP
70% Balance payable over 60 months
Option 4 – 50-50
50% Spot DP with 2% discount
50% Balance payable over 60 months
Option 5 – 10-10-80
10% Spot DP
10% Payable over 24 months
80% Balance through Bank Financing
Option 6 – 10-40-50
10% Spot DP
40% Payable over 32 months
50% Balance through Bank Financing

Unit 2311
Unit Area: 33 sqm
Unit Type: Studio
List Price: PHP 3,681,840

Sample Computation: Based on Standard Term

Cash Payment

Less 8% Discount PHP 294,547.20
Discounted Price: PHP 3,387,293
Less Reservation Fee: PHP 50,000
Total Contract Price: PHP 3,337,293- Payable 60 days after reservation fee

Sample Computation 2: Option 5 – 10-10-80

10% Spot Down payment: PHP 368,184

10% spread DP: PHP 368,184
Less RF: PHP 50,000
10% DP payable over 24 months: PHP 13,257.66
80% balance : PHP 2,945,472

*Monthly Amortization, interest rate at 10% per annum is for illustration purposes only actual rate to be based on bank prevailing rate.

a.) Monthly Amortization based on 5 years: Php 62,582.58
b.) Monthly Amortization based on 10 years: Php 38,924.64
c.) Monthly Amortization based on 15 years: Php 31,652.20
d.) Monthly Amortization based on 30 years: Php 25,848.63

* Note: Other Charges (OC) are not included.


What makes High Park Vertis a Good Buy?

The Renowned Brand Name

We all look for a renowned brand name when it comes to building our homes. No compromises are made while choosing our residing places that stay even for the generations to come. The property is constructed by one of the most popular and topmost developers called Ayala Land Heritage. It not only accommodates the stamp of a long experience of 80 years but also is the name behind many of the successful and magnificent properties such as Nuvali and Makati. This firm and the trustworthy brand name itself make it a strong reason for the common man to invest in the property that stands to serve its people. 

The Convenient Location-Vertis North

Location plays the most important role while the selection of a home for us all. We prefer to stay close to our places of work and near the areas that provide us with all the daily necessities of life with no extra efforts. High Park serves all the above-mentioned criteria effortlessly. Located in the business district of the Quezon City this property is perfect in terms of connectivity as it connects its residents to the busy roads like North Avenue and Agham Road. It's extremely close connectivity to the daily necessities like retail areas, shopping malls, hospitals, educational institutes etc. makes it one of the most captivating places to pick.

Promising Return Potential

Investing in this high market valued property you can expect huge returns in the long run. With the advancement in the search for perfect and conveniently located homes within the North Vertis, this investment of yours would prove to be extremely beneficial with each passing day and you can expect heavy returns in the upcoming years.

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