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High Park is designed and planned as a residential high-rise condominium to be endowed with living and relaxation ambiance matching that of 5Star Hotels with state of the art facilities and amenities congruent to present living standards. With this vision and goal in sight, Alveo Land for High Park has offerings of the following provisions of amenities and facilities, unique features of High Park and a select few residences.

Indoor Facilities

Function Room - for any type of events in need of a spacious enclosed area to convey convenience and effortlessness with the organization and to add security and privacy.

Gym - a basic need for the modern living when love for convenience and high living greatly impact the state of health. Sweat, buff right a few steps away without having to brave traffic and smog.

Board Room - a must for budding young professionals who ensure family time and work are on par. A place to meet colleagues within a few steps and be right back at home within minutes to loved ones on busy and demanding weekends.

Indoor Play Room - parents today are greatly hesitant in exposing kids to the harsher environment of the outdoors. Not only health hazards lurk in every concealed and veiled corners and spaces, there is also increased vulnerability to technology, crime and violence.

Outdoor Facilities

Infinity Lounge and Lap Pool – with the daily grind faced by the prospective owner demographics targeted by Alveo Land for High Park, these facilities are longed-for offerings. Prospects of relaxation after a hectic day right on the doorstep is indeed a major draw factor for many young and budding professionals.

Kiddie Pool – modern parents need to feel safe and assured loved ones are in safe hands, a kiddie pool right in the same building will indeed reinforce this sense of security.

Landscaped View Decks – fresh air, the sunshine and clean water are the best tonic to help achieve optimum health. Sun, breathe of fresh air and a refreshing glass of clean water within reach in a landscaped view deck right outside the doorstep is a handy refresher to tired and weary souls on weekends and days off work.

Alfresco Lounge – an alternative setting for sunning, cooling and refreshments to the landscaped view deck is a welcome addition. The variety of choices will spread out occupants leaving enough auspicious space for everybody to enjoy.


Perfect for large families weary of living in stately homes that impose excessive demands for manpower, units with extra provisions for master’s bedroom, family area, balcony, and maid’s room and also additional provisions for hallway, pantry and garden area are on offer. These are corner units strategically designed and planned to provide for these added requirements. High Park is indeed a multi-faceted residential offering not only exclusive to the young and hip but are overextended to include the jaded and slightly antiquated. An ambiance of affluence with manageable spaces and high class amenities and facilities that is High Park at Vertis North by Alveo Land.

With the rushing lives like ours, it is of utmost importance that we essentially take some self-time out to acknowledge peace that would work to recharge our body, soul, and mind to the core. For such an experience a suited environment is a must to have access to. High Park is one such place that would offer you lush green surroundings that would serve the purposes we all look for and leave us energized again for the upcoming tiring daily chores.

You will get access to the luxurious amenities and advantages including spacious halls and areas and several recreational activity centers.

One can lead a life full of peace with absolutely no worries and burden as a well-trained and professional team of management is always available to take care of the fact that the residents are surrounded with no inconveniences at all. The team takes complete care of the property, the services and well maintains it.


  • Function Room
  • Gym
  • Board Room
  • Indoor Play Room


  • Infinity Lounge and Lap Pool
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Landscaped View Decks
  • Alfresco Lounge
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Several Outdoor Amenities

1. A Lap and a Kids Pool

You can enjoy your blazing summer days and nights in the pool provided for the kids and the older ones. You do not need to move out of your residing address for those water pool activities of yours.

2. Decks for Proper View of the Landscape

Your love for nature will be well satisfied at this spot as there are well and beautifully designed decks that would enable you to have a view of the landscape. You can enjoy your evening and early mornings praising the landscape around.

3. Infinity As Well As Alfresco Lounge

Need some time to relax and party but running short in time? No problem, as you have the best lounge services for all your requirements. You can instantly plan up a party right at your residing address and invite friends to join in as well.

Several Indoor Amenities

1. Playing Room

A playing room is an essential part of today's world where the value of games has lost its charm competing with tablets and cell phones. Here at High Park, you get to give your kids the advantages of having several games under one single roof.

2. Function Room

Family functions are common to us all. We spend tedious days finding a correct place to host our events. High Park offers you a function room that you can use to host your parties and functions.

3. Board Room

Having a board room to hold a meeting and official events is also one of the convenient indoor facilities that the residents are provided with.

4. Gymnasium

All the fitness freaks look for a gymnasium before purchasing any property no matter what. High Park has a huge gym packed with all the machines such that you needn't go elsewhere to satisfy your fitness needs.

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