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High Park Vertis

Project at a Glance
Project Location: North Triangle Brgy Pag-asa Quezon City
Turnover Date: Q3 2019
Unit Sizes: 32 sqm to 171 sqm
Price Range: Php 3.9M to Php 19M


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High Park Vertis By Alveo Land

High Park of Vertis North

A residential high-rise property in Vertis North, Quezon City is currently changing the perspective of urban living in the Philippines. Rising high above the undulating Quezon City landscape while flawlessly blending into an amalgamation of picturesque progressive vision and practical living, High Park is an awe-inspiring cutting-edge architectural masterpiece of the Ayala Land Inc. subsidiary - Alveo Land.

Intended as a self-sustaining community, Vertis North an Ayala Land Inc. township development spans an area of 29 hectares and will be a conglomeration of hip and trendy multi-purpose, leisure, commercial and residential establishments that will surely thrill The Baby Boomers and Millennials alike.

Strategically located in Brgy. Bagong Pag-asa, Quezon City, this triangle of prime development is bounded on one side by EDSA, on the other two sides by North Ave. and Quezon Ave. and centrally transversed by Agham Road.

Well within reach of a few basic community facilities like schools, hospitals and particular commercial establishments like Trinoma, Quezon City’s Central Business District, ABS-CBN and Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife, and many other types of business and commercial districts and landmarks, Vertis North is being developed as a dynamic walkable city spanned and crisscrossed by an integrated basement parking facility that boosts pedestrianization while reducing vehicular traffic.

The Vertis North High Park residences is a single tower condominium and is a home away from home where the lush green sceneries of near or distant childhoods will never be missed. The High Park’s setting and backdrop is brilliantly planned, not only its strategic location but also its immediate ground frameworks. Unit owners will be greeted by the expanse of the Central Business District on one side and the invigorating freshness of the inner park and the stimulating atmosphere of the retail space will greet the sight of those on the east side.

Excellent landscaping of the surrounding grounds will greet residents’ eyes with breathtaking visuals of lush greeneries and lofty open spaces, camouflaging the highly urbanized locality on which this remarkable living space is erected on ground level.

Every time outside facing windows and doors are opened the breathtaking aesthetically organized landscaping will always stir a touch of nostalgic pang, when dreamy eyes lit on a scenic wonder carved out of the densely industrialized cityscape of Quezon City every day.

Vertis North is also a convergence point for a number of mainstream transport facilities such as MRT stations and bus terminals, and the highly accessible setting will not daunt GRAB or UBER drivers when residents will hail them, lessening reliance on taxis when in need of comfortable conveyance.

Units, Provisions and Amenities within High Park

Alveo Land plans to achieve a 5-star hotel standard with the furnishings and amenities that will be implemented in all of High Park’s 642 residential units. Ayala Land Inc. has been known for high standards ever since the corporation decided to delve into industrializations of prime properties, this estimation coming from Ayala Inc. for High Park is definitely not amiss.

Young professionals starting their young families will be better off taking residence in one of High Park’s 32sqm -171sqm units. The young parents will love High Park’s 5Star Hotel ambiance and will feel contentedly at ease raising kids within the confines of their High Park residential Studio Unit or in the 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms Unit. Each unit has provisions for one or two toilet and bath, complete living, dining and kitchen spaces with sink and countertops depending on the type of unit model.

A selection of corner units also has provisions for master’s bedroom, family area, balcony, and maid’s room. There are also units with additional provisions for hallway, pantry and garden area.
General indoor amenities include a multipurpose room, lounge, board room, function room, indoor swimming pool and outdoor amenities are lap pool, infinity lounge, adult swimming pool and a landscaped view deck. Children have provisions for relaxation and play in the form of an indoor playroom, children’s playground and kiddie pool and lounge. The provision for 4 levels of basement parking with 424 parking slots can never go wrong for the targeted demographic.

High Park has good potential to become a relaxing and inspiring home for university and college students owing to its proximity to universities and colleges; Immaculate Conception Academy and Sisters of Mount Carmel School, University of the Philippines – Diliman, St. Paul University, Ateneo de Manila University, and Xavier School.

The lofty High Park will be towering over Quezon City’s cityscape in its glory with 35 stories. Spanning about 10, 642 sqm, not counting the roof deck, ground floor with its retail kiosks, amenities level on the second floor and the 4 levels of basement parking.

High Park A Sound Investment

High Park is a one of a kind vertical living experience from the ground up to its covered roof deck. Miniature parks strategically organized and developed all over from the ground up always offer the eyesight refreshing views.

Vertis North a prime property in a rapidly appraising district in Quezon City, with large potentials for economic prospects at its most reasonable market value. With a strategic location within a developing major business and lifestyle district with highly promising networking, relevance, and adaptability opportunities.

Developed by Alveo Land inspired by their invaluable commitment to Innovation High Park offers radical pioneering residential solutions by providing incomparable living experience greatly prized by the demographic market.

A high investment potential first mover advantage is in store for early unit purchasers with promising high returns, the promise accompanying Quezon City Central Business District’s metamorphosis and the emerging scarcity of housing supply within Vertis North.

The Ayala Land Legacy

Alveo Land as an Ayala Land Inc.’s subsidiary is owned by one of the country’s top property developers. Backed by over 80 years in real estate developing experience, Ayala Land is the big brand name behind BGC, Nuvali and Makati; and now High Park. With Alveo Land and Ayala Land Inc. at its back High Park has a multitude of natural potentials to offer the intuitive.

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Alveo Land High Park Vertis in Quezon City, Philippines is a premier Condo project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase High Park Vertis, then check here first. We have full details of High Park Vertis updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

High Park Vertis - Location & Vicinity

Vertis North is located well with the sprawling 250 hectares Quezon City – Central Business District, also called Triangle Park, which is strategically located in the central part of Metro Manila. This triangle of prime development covers properties within the Veterans Memorial and the East and North area in Quezon City. The planned ground framework is for this development to become a prototype of mixed-use development projected to become a role model for future cutting-edge development not only within the local confines of Metro Manila but internationally as well.

The Quezon City Triangle Park, in terms of easy access to other parts of the metropolis, is judged as one of the best strategically located expanse of real estate property; point 1 is the availability of at least 3 MRT (mass transit) stations with its vicinity, and point 2 is its frontage on EDSA, the longest thoroughfare in Metro Manila significantly summarize this advantage.

Triangle Park as a prime transport convergence point is also regarded auspicious as retail and wholesale businesses setting by budding modern entrepreneurs. Another addition to their collection of conspicuous spaces auguring well for companies’ and people’s evolution into the new economy of the digital marketplace. Triangle Park is a packaged and integrated business and lifestyle area extremely convenient for the presence of established and reputable hospitals and medical services facilities within the proximities of the area.

Medical and health emergencies can be immediately assisted in the nearby hospitals such as FEU Hospital, Veterans Hospital, Cardinal Santos Memorial Medical Center and St. Luke’s Medical Center to name a few and for more serious traumas there is the Philippine Heart Center.  

Students can have choices of reputable and lofty colleges and universities within a few minutes ride from Vertis North. Immaculate Conception Academy and Sisters of Mount Carmel School, University of the Philippines – Diliman, St. Paul University, Ateneo de Manila University, and Xavier School are just a few of these colleges and universities.

Vertis North in the present state of massive urbanization and industrialization of Metropolitan Manila is seen by discerning eyes as one of top leisure areas around Metro Manila, an exceptionally idyllic destination being adjacent to two large parks; the Quezon Memorial Circle and the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife. Vertis North was designed and planned to nurture and not deviate from this existing green neighborhood. It will be an environmentally compliant business district from the start and all through its existence; by safeguarding reduction of carbon-emitting transport modes through extensive pedestrianization and supporting green architecture in all its present and future constructions as planned.

The planned extensive pedestrianization of Triangle Park will be implemented by a well-organized transit loop traversing the entire district, with park-lined thoroughfares, that promotes easy access to interior properties, which in turn will encourage better intercommunity contact, which will result into the substantiation of the increase of land values throughout the business district community.

Ayala Land Inc.’s vision of the potentials Triangle Park (Quezon City Central Business District) has in store for the bold and the daring, has not gone to waste, a number of reputed international institutions noticed and agree on the projected large economic prospects for the area. Today it has remained as one of the few residual lots that are strategically located; within easy accessibility from all major routes, and set for continuing cutting-edge progress aimed at increasing asset values, all the while flaunting its showcase of a model modern environment.

High Park Vertis Location

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Retail Eye Courtyard

Swimming pool


Living Room

Kids Bedroom

Living Room

Master Bedroom

Kids Bedroom

Kids Bedroom


Living Room

Master Bedroom


High Park Vertis - Features & Amenities

High Park is designed and planned as a residential high-rise condominium to be endowed with living and relaxation ambiance matching that of 5Star Hotels with state of the art facilities and amenities congruent to present living standards. With this vision and goal in sight, Alveo Land for High Park has offerings of the following provisions of amenities and facilities, unique features of High Park and a select few residences.

Indoor Facilities

Function Room - for any type of events in need of a spacious enclosed area to convey convenience and effortlessness with the organization and to add security and privacy.

Gym - a basic need for the modern living when love for convenience and high living greatly impact the state of health. Sweat, buff right a few steps away without having to brave traffic and smog.

Board Room - a must for budding young professionals who ensure family time and work are on par. A place to meet colleagues within a few steps and be right back at home within minutes to loved ones on busy and demanding weekends.

Indoor Play Room - parents today are greatly hesitant in exposing kids to the harsher environment of the outdoors. Not only health hazards lurk in every concealed and veiled corners and spaces, there is also increased vulnerability to technology, crime and violence.

Outdoor Facilities

Infinity Lounge and Lap Pool – with the daily grind faced by the prospective owner demographics targeted by Alveo Land for High Park, these facilities are longed-for offerings. Prospects of relaxation after a hectic day right on the doorstep is indeed a major draw factor for many young and budding professionals.

Kiddie Pool – modern parents need to feel safe and assured loved ones are in safe hands, a kiddie pool right in the same building will indeed reinforce this sense of security.

Landscaped View Decks – fresh air, the sunshine and clean water are the best tonic to help achieve optimum health. Sun, breathe of fresh air and a refreshing glass of clean water within reach in a landscaped view deck right outside the doorstep is a handy refresher to tired and weary souls on weekends and days off work.

Alfresco Lounge – an alternative setting for sunning, cooling and refreshments to the landscaped view deck is a welcome addition. The variety of choices will spread out occupants leaving enough auspicious space for everybody to enjoy.


Perfect for large families weary of living in stately homes that impose excessive demands for manpower, units with extra provisions for master’s bedroom, family area, balcony, and maid’s room and also additional provisions for hallway, pantry and garden area are on offer. These are corner units strategically designed and planned to provide for these added requirements. High Park is indeed a multi-faceted residential offering not only exclusive to the young and hip but are overextended to include the jaded and slightly antiquated. An ambiance of affluence with manageable spaces and high class amenities and facilities that is High Park at Vertis North by Alveo Land.

With the rushing lives like ours, it is of utmost importance that we essentially take some self-time out to acknowledge peace that would work to recharge our body, soul, and mind to the core. For such an experience a suited environment is a must to have access to. High Park is one such place that would offer you lush green surroundings that would serve the purposes we all look for and leave us energized again for the upcoming tiring daily chores.

You will get access to the luxurious amenities and advantages including spacious halls and areas and several recreational activity centers.

One can lead a life full of peace with absolutely no worries and burden as a well-trained and professional team of management is always available to take care of the fact that the residents are surrounded with no inconveniences at all. The team takes complete care of the property, the services and well maintains it.


  • Function Room
  • Gym
  • Board Room
  • Indoor Play Room


  • Infinity Lounge and Lap Pool
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Landscaped View Decks
  • Alfresco Lounge

High Park Vertis - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Studio Unit ₱ 3,900,000 30 sqm
One Bedroom ₱ 7,300,000 60 sqm
Two Bedroom ₱ 10,500,000 87 sqm
Three Bedroom ₱ 14,100,000 123 sqm

High Park Vertis - Payment Option

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1 – Spot Cash
100% Cash in 60 days with 8% discount
Option 2 – 20-80
20% Spot DP with 8% discount
80% Balance through Bank Financing
Option 3 – 30-70
30% Spot DP
70% Balance payable over 60 months
Option 4 – 50-50
50% Spot DP with 2% discount
50% Balance payable over 60 months
Option 5 – 10-10-80
10% Spot DP
10% Payable over 24 months
80% Balance through Bank Financing
Option 6 – 10-40-50
10% Spot DP
40% Payable over 32 months
50% Balance through Bank Financing

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